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Ancient intelligent species predating man

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Oxygen began building up billions of years ago thanks to cyanobacteria, but it took a long time - until approximately 1.6 billion years ago - to get up to levels that were suitable for complex life. Now, a new study by the University of Washington has found evidence that there was enough oxygen in Earth's atmosphere between 2.4 and 2 billion years ago before it dropped off again suddenly.

Was our solar system once home to an advanced civilization other than our own — perhaps one that predated humanity by hundreds of millions of years before being wiped out by an asteroid impact or some other cataclysm?

Venus is in the grip of a severe greenhouse effect and also undergoes similar “resurfacing” that would scour it clean of artifacts.

Complex life might have come and gone on Earth long before the multicellular organisms we're familiar with today arose, a new study suggests.

Rather, he’s talking about “technosignatures.” The term encompasses a range of possible artifacts, including archaeological ruins and old mining operations as well as synthetic chemicals or nuclear isotopes that could have been created only by technological processes.However, most of the archaeological evidence of an ancient civilization would probably have been lost.Earth’s plate tectonics would effectively have “erased” the traces of a civilization that lived billions of years ago.There’s no evidence for such a pre-human indigenous technological species, though people have been speculating about one since ancient times.But a respected space scientist points out in a provocative new paper that if the existence of home-grown intelligent space aliens has never been established, it’s never been ruled out either. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner.