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You can stick with your high school bae, find a hookup buddy, plunge into a sexual-emotional gray area, or discover an on-campus soulmate.I cannot stop thinking about this situation, I have acid reflux, headaches, I am depressed and angry at the world.... I try to occupy my life with warm and fulfilling activities but I cannot stop obssessing about my son and granddaughter...I don't want to go the rest of my life not having a relationship with them but more importantly having my son truly feel, think and believe in his mind that I abused tearing me apart..will not go to counselling and now has cut off all communication. I raised my son and took him away form his drug addicted father at the age of about..4 or 5. I allowed my son to see his father when he was off the drugs.Here, relationship expert and author Ana Weber fleshes out how each of these five college relationships influences the kind of adult partner you'll become.Your mom's minivan is all packed up and you're off to tackle your freshman year of college!Check yes or no." But out in the adult world, dating men can be much less clear-cut.